Pilot in command

Due to the rules and regulations provided by the CAA there are restrictions we must adhere to. We can fly a maximum of 400ft, if it is a need to fly higher we will require 28 days to put forward an application to the CAA requesting extended altitude. We are also restricted to flying at a distance of no further thanΒ 500m from the pilot in command.

If at any point during the task in hand the pilot in command feels it is unsafe to fly, poses a risk to persons, buildings, livestock or that a client's requests are unreasonable, the flight will not go ahead. We will however do our best to work with you to help you achieve your goals in a safer manner.


Planning a flightΒ takes time and there is a significant amountΒ of paperwork to complete priorΒ to taking to the air. With this in mind, we ask that you provide us with as much notice as possible.

​We ask for 35% of the booking to be paid in advanced (unless agreed otherwise), and invoices to be cleared within 14 days of the jobs completion.


Flying drones is weather dependent and there may be a chance we have to postpone the flight to an alternative date and the deposit will beΒ transferred.

Should you no longer require our services or need to cancel your booking, deposit will not be refundable unless pre-agreement has been made. If we have incurred any other costs in relation to your shoot then these costs will be invoiced within our standard terms.

Copyright and usage

Unless a buyout of footage is specifically agreed, AVM Visuals retains the copyrights of all footage collected.

The client will get full use of all footage captured, however will not be able to sell the footage or allow 3rd party companies to useΒ it/sell without the priorΒ agreement of AVM Visuals.

AVM Visuals retains the right to use the footage for promotion, marketing and stock libraries after the footage has been released for its original purpose. All clients hold the rightΒ to refuse their media being used for marketing or stock libraries so long as there is an agreement prior to any footage being captured.

Day Rates

A full day is classed as 10 hours working and half days are 3.5Β hours (inclusive of breaks). If a full day or half day is booked and the shoot runs over, then 30% of the hourly rate will be charged for every additional hour required. This isn’t the case on shoots involving multiple days.

Travel days and wet weather days will both be charged at an additional rate ofΒ Β£150 per day


Please be assured that all enquiries will be dealt with in complete confidence and if preferred, involved members of staff are more than happy to sign a non-disclosure agreement prior to details of the project being shared. Please let us know if this is something you would like to go ahead with.


AVM Visuals is fully insured and has public liability insurance cover.Β A copy of our insurance certificate can be provided upon request.

Extended or upgraded specific project insurance cover can be provided if required providing this is agreed at the time of booking and included in theΒ brief.

Expenses and additional costs

Mileage expenses within the UK will be charged at 50p per mile. Accommodation and other expenses will be quoted and approved in advance in accordance with the quotation.
Exceptional expenses may be payable by agreement, in advance.

On occasion it may be necessary to get special permissions from the CAA in order to fly for required shoots. On such occasions bookings will be subject to an admin fee agreed prior to the shoot.

If flying abroad we may require additional time in order to get permissions to fly. With this, there may also be additional cost.

Full Term and Conditions

Our full terms and conditions will be sent to the client.

The terms and conditions stated within the document will be deemed as acceptable to the client upon receipt of a confirmed bookingΒ or instruction to proceed by any given means.