Drone Building Surveys & Mapping

Save time and money with drone inspections, surveying and mapping

Why Drone Inspections?

With the employment of UAVs, aerial property surveys are the perfect solution for checking damage to hard to reach places and data collection used for analysis by chartered surveyors. Not only do they save time and money, they can also help reduce many of the potential health and safety risks associated with this line of work.

With the ability to fly close to buildings and objects, high resolution imagery and 4k video, drone inspections provide an excellent alternative to collecting data in hard to reach places.

New Possibilities with Drone Inspections

Drone inspections are becoming the 'go to' tool when carrying out inspections of buildings and property. The drone acts as the inspectors eye allowing visual data to be collected in high resolution image and video formats whilst at the same time lessening the need for inspectors having to position themselves in dangerous situations.  Once the visual data has been collected by the drone, it can be assed on-site and then stored digitally for re-evaluation and further analysis at a later dates. This removes the necessity for repeat visits to the inspection site further down the line.

In conjunction to the drone capturing high quality images and videos of the inspection area, multispectral and thermal imaging cameras can also be deployed thus increasing the overall data set collected.

Orphomosaic Maps and 3D Modelling

With 2D and 3D modelling capabilities, our drones have the ability to survey under 1cm pixel per GSD giving you the option to refine the data's results online and in turn allows you to interact with and share your data with your colleagues and to your clients globally.

2D and 3D modelling allows for large areas to be surveyed quickly and efficiently bringing the data that you require to you sooner.

Not only are the 3D models great for land surveys, they are also perfect for building 3D models of buildings, bridges and other manmade structures, they are fantastic at collecting data of stock pile usage over time. By creating a 3D model of the stock pile, you are able to measure the estimate volume. This is particularly useful when a second model is created later down the line allowing you to assess stock usages and condition of assets over a given time.

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