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Aerial photography, DJI Inspire 2

Aerial Photography that's Setting Standards

Aerial photography and cinematography is becoming more widely used in all types of productions including film & TV productions, documentaries and commercials. Furthermore, aerial photography and filming is growing in popularity for capturing those precious wedding moments and other personal projects too. 

Our professional drone services provide a low cost solution to aerial visuals making aerial footage and imagery more accessible to productions of any budget. 

A Low Cost Solution

Drones and aerial visuals have never been more accessible. With our Industry leading DJI Inspire 2 equipped the Zenmuse X5s gimble, since it's release has quickly become the benchmark for professional productions and is comparable to the Arri Alexa.

The Inspire 2 is a highly diverse and capable drone that can fit the needs for almost any project and with a top speed of 58MPH, high speed action shots have never been more obtainable.

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High quality Aerial photography

With ability to capture up to 5.2k CinemaDNG and ProRes as well as 20.8-megapixel photo's we are proud to be able to deliver high quality results and bring your projects to life. 

With our added post production editing services we can create great content so you don't have to!

Dual operator capabilities

The Inspire 2 has dual operator capabilities which provides the option for to have a designated camera operator, which in turn, opens up greater shooting possibilities. 

When dual operator mode is active it allows for more precise aerial photography and filming. The remote pilot (drone operator) is only operating the drone which opens up the possibility of more precise and complex flights. The gimble operator (camera operator) then has full control of the camera which in turn opens up a wider range of camera movements and styles to fit the projects needs. 

This is the way we would recommend on most creative projects.

High end filters and lenses

We take our lenses and filters seriously. With a selection Olympus Prime MFT lenses and Firecrest filters and Polarisers we are able to shoot on the brightest days to night flights whilst still maintaining the highest quality results. 

Olympus Micro 4/3 prime Lenses:

DJI 15mm,F/1.7 

Olympus 25mm, F/1.8

Olympus 45mm, F/1.8

​ND Filters:

Firecrest Ultra

Polar Pro

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